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Affordable Personal One-on-One Experience

Gold Law Firm will give you the full attention you require for your legal needs. At a large firm you risk being a small fish in a big lake of work. Here you will get personal attention from your attorney, and your needs will take a top priority.

Gold Law Firm doesn’t have a huge staff or giant advertising campaign to pay for, so you get that attentiveness at reasonable rates. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Business Formations – DBA to Corporations

You don’t need to hire expensive law firms to form your business. Gold Law Firm can help you start your own business by getting you started with the correct formation type.

Contracts – If it needs to be signed, you should have it reviewed.

The experts at Gold Law firm can create, review, and advise you on all contract types. Employment, Health Care, Proxies, Consumer Issues, Supplier and Customer Issues.

Consumer Law

Have you been wronged by a company you did business with? Did you receive a bill or statement that you don’t feel is correct? Gold Law Firm can help you.

Administrative Law – Forms, Hearings, Regulations

Dealing with state agencies can be complex, and an incorrect response can set you back in the process. For the unprepared it can be overwhelming. From the Office of the Professions to the Labor Department, Gold Law can help you cut through the red tape, understand the forms, answer the questions, and find the result.